Affiliate Program

Refer clients to us and earn up to €400 (approx $450) monthly per referral! Tell the world about Newfies-Dialer and earn up to €400 Euro per month per referral by joining Newfies-Dialer’s affiliate program. We will pay up to €400 Euro per month for up to one year for every customer that you refer to us. Find out how to get started below.Newfies-Dialer Affiliate Program

How much can I earn monthly?

Earn commission by referring your client or website visitor to us. We send you a monthly payment according to what plan the customer purchases for 12 months or the life of the customer, whichever is sooner. * Commissions are paid according to the table above, so only one sale of a large system would net you €3000 Euro in the first year. We are not able to provide commissions on the `Hobby` Plan, but if your referral upgrades to a larger system, then commission will be paid.

Small€ 40 Monthly
Medium€ 80 Monthly
Standard€ 150 Monthly
Large€ 250 Monthly
Extra Large€ 400 Monthly

How does it work?

Users click on your link or banner on your website. You include your personal affiliate link in blog posts, banners, and tweets. If a customer purchases, you get recurring monthly income for up to 12 months.

Need banners?

We got you covered, click here to access our banners gallery.


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